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Assignment 5 - and then estimate what the inside diameter...

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PHYS-232 Heat and Waves - Homework 5 Winter Semester 2008 Due on Tuesday, Mar 25, 2008 1. Two identical calorimeters (A and B) are prepared containing equal amount of water at 20 . 0 C . A 5 gram piece of Al is dropped into A and a 5 gram piece of alloy into B. The equilibrium temperature in A is 22 . 0 C and in B is 21 . 5 C . The initial temperature of both metals is 40 . 0 C . If the specific heat capacity of Al is 0 . 887 Jg - 1 K - 1 , calculate the specific heat capacity of the alloy. 2. The volume expansion coefficient of liquid mercury is 1 . 81 × 10 - 4 K - 1 . (a) get a mercury thermometer, estimate the size of the bulb at the bottom,
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Unformatted text preview: and then estimate what the inside diameter of the tube has to be in order for the thermometer to work as required. Assume that the thermal expansion of the glass is negligible. (b) Suppose that the thermometer has only an arbitrary scale. It shows-20 . ◦ C at the ice point and the steam point at 180 . ◦ C . When the thermometer reads 5 . ◦ C , what is the real temperature it measures? 3. Suppose you are sick with a fever. Estimate how long does it take for you to take your temperature with a thermometer. 4. Solve problem 3.4.2 of the class notes. 1...
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