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Assignment 1 - M is ±oating in water of density ρ(²g 2...

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PHYS-232 Heat and Waves - Homework 1 Winter Semester 2008 Due on Thursday, January 24, 2008 1. Solve problem 1.2.1 of the class notes. 2. Solve problem 1.2.5 of the class notes. 3. Hanging disk. A uniform disk of radius R is suspended at its edge as shown in Figure 1. It is free to swing back and forth in the plane of the disk. What is the frequency of small oscillation of the disk? (Hint: The angular momentum of the disk is I = mR 2 + 1 2 mR 2 = 3 2 mR 2 ) θ Figure 1: 4. Floating boat (a). A block of wood of mass
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Unformatted text preview: M is ±oating in water of density ρ (²g 2). Its horizontal cross section is S . Show that the oscillating frequency of the wood around its equilibrium position is ω = r ρSg M . Figure 2: (b). The length of a sailboat is 10m, its width 2m, and its weight 4 ton. What is the oscillating frequency of such a sailboat in water? What is the oscillating frequency of a cargo ship of length 300m, width 50m and weight 15000 ton? 1...
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