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Assignment 2 - T Suppose the density of the string is ρ...

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PHYS-232 Heat and Waves - Homework 2 Winter Semester 2008 Due on Thursday, January 31, 2008 1. Along the direction of propagation of a sinusoidal wave there lie two points A and B that separated by 2 cm. The phase of the wave at point B is π/ 6 behind the phase at A. If the frequency of the source of the wave is 10 Hz, what are the wavelength and wave speed ? 2. Solve problem 2.2.1 of the class notes. 3. Solve problem 2.3.2 of the class notes. 4. A string of length L is fixed at both ends. The tension in the string is
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Unformatted text preview: T . Suppose the density of the string is ρ . Find out at what frequency this string can vibrate. 5. There are two sound waves coming from two different sources. The first one has a frequency of 400 Hz and the second one has a frequency of 1200 Hz . The wave amplitude of the first one is twice of that of the second one. Find out the ratio of the intensity of the first wave to the second one 1...
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