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Assignment 8 - Physics 257 Assignment 8-Answer Key Due...

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Prof. Matt Dobbs Page 1/4 Physics 257 Asst 8 Answer Key Physics 257: Assignment 8—Answer Key Due in-class before 1:05pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007 Use MATLAB for this assignment. For plots, remember to label your axes correctly and use the “graphs” checklist on page 7 of the lab book. For each question, show all your steps including the raw commands you issue in MATLAB . Assignments handed in after 1:05pm but before the end of the day will lose 25% of the grade. You are in your 4 th year at School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and your classmate Hermione Granger has been working hard on an electronic gizmo to receive a signal from her friend Victor Krum who lives at a far-away school of magic. [if you don’t know what Hogwart’s is, don’t worry you can ignore this part of the question and simply crunch the numbers below!]. The electronic gizmo records the data at a rate of 2 000 Hz. For several days Hermione complains that all she records with her gizmo is random noise. After spending weeks debugging her instrument, Hermione declares that she has finally received the signal from Victor – and it is a single musical note. Hermione is so proud of her accomplishment that she posted the data on webct as a wave file
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Assignment 8 - Physics 257 Assignment 8-Answer Key Due...

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