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Composition by Word Processor (Horizontal) Write horizontally. Use the font called ໌ே)ΈΜͪΐ͏* or equivalent ± font size 12. Make sure that lines are double-spaced . The composition should include the title, your full name, and the date. Center them as in the following example. Read the Help section in the Balloon menu if you have questions regarding document format, etc. Pay special attention to the distinction between long vowels and short vowels, e.g. " Α͜ (yoko)" v.s. " Α͏͜ (Yooko --> typed “yo
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Unformatted text preview: u ko”)"; unless you have a correct kana spelling, you will not get the correct kanji (with kana). Use only kanji that you have learned. λΠτϧ <--(double space) ໊લ 3113 ೥݄̒̎̍೔ <--(single space) Θͨ͠͸ςΩαεେֶͷೋ೥ੜͰ͢ɻͤΜ͜͏͸޻ֶͰ͢ɻࠓɺ೔ ຊޠΛษڧ͍ͯ͠·͢ɻ (Start the main body here; do not use “Tab” key but leave a single character space at the beginning of each paragraph. The main body should always be double-spaced.) <--(double space)...
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