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Unformatted text preview: Extra Office Hours/Revision Sessions As of the time of writing (11:00, Tuesday, 4th December) the following extra sessions are planned: 1. Enoch Guimond: Extra Office Hours, 11:3013:30 on Friday the 7th and on Friday the 14th December, in the Philosophy Department, 9th Floor, Leacock Building. 2. Michael Hallett: Extra Class/Confereence: 12.3014:00, Monday 10th December, Room 927 in Leacock. 3. Brian Redekopp: Review Session, Friday, 14th December, 13:0015:00, LEA 934. Final Examination Revision 1. There are 50 points available on the exam, 25 for questions on sentential logic, and 25 for questions on predicate or quantificational logic. 2. For sentential logic, you should make sure your entirely comfortable with truth-tables and truth-trees, and also with the derivation system SD. Practice derivations, especially ones assuming the negation of what you want to derive. Also look closely at questions to do with modifications of the system SD by dropping/adding derivation rules. 3. Think about what I called in the lectures the results about the `Adequacy of the Tree Test'; try to realise how important it is, and the various different forms it comes in. 4. For quantificational logic, concentrate on formulation of sentences, especially the way that we can formulate assertions (involving definite descriptions, `at least', `at most', `exactly', etc.) once we have identity available. 5. Practice quantificational trees, especially instantiating sufficiently often (using universal quantifier decomposition and identity decomposition), to get a branch/tree to close. 6. Practice, too, giving different interpretations which will make the same sentence of PLE respectively true and then false. 7. N.B. The symbol `', which means `therefore', is used a few times on the exam to mark the conclusion of arguments. ...
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