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Assignment 5 - Physics 257: Assignment 5 Answer Key Due...

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Prof. Matt Dobbs Page 1/4 Physics 257 Asst 5 Physics 257: Assignment 5 – Answer Key Due in-class before 1:05pm Thursday October 25, 2007 Use MATLAB for this assignment. For plots, remember to label your axes correctly and use the “graphs” checklist on page 7 of the lab book. For each question, show all your steps including the raw commands you issue in MATLAB . Assignments handed in after 1:05pm but before the end of the day will lose 25% of the grade. The Mount Washington Experiment—Part I This assignment is a simulation of the famous Mt. Washington experiment that demonstrated time dilation (special relativity) by measuring the lifetime of a newly discovered particle, called the muon , at rest and when traveling near the speed of light. The muon’s lifetime acts like a clock and the experiment shows that this clock runs slower when the muon is traveling at speeds near the speed of light—time dilation. You can find the original paper on WebCT in the assignment folder (Asst5_paper.pdf) if you are interested in looking at it. Note that in this paper the muon particle is referred to as a “mesotron” or “meson”. The fundamental particles were not well understood at this time, and names changed frequently. In this assignment, you will be given simulated data from that experiment and you will analyze it. The purpose is to give you practice with Matlab while interpreting important data that demonstrates a key physics concept that you will be studying soon. An overview of how to do this assignment was given in the lecture Oct 18. If you missed the lecture you may want to ask another student for their notes. The accepted value for the muon lifetime at rest (e.g. if the velocity of the muon were zero) is 2.2±0.2 μ s. Like all substances that decay, the muon exhibits exponential decay, , where λ =1/lifetime. You can assume that this rest lifetime is correct for the purposes of this assignment.
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Assignment 5 - Physics 257: Assignment 5 Answer Key Due...

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