PPD 225 Midterm #1 Study Guide

PPD 225 Midterm #1 Study Guide - 1) What is the best...

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1) What is the best definition of public policy ? 2) What is best definition of public administration? 3) What are the 4 major institutions? Which is weakest? Gov’t Family Religion Education 4) What are 3 key ideological values in U.S.? Which is weakest? Security/Freedom Liberty Equality Individualism -In my opinion, the weakest is equality. We can talk about race, gap between poor and wealthy, affordable housing policies, treatment of elderly. 5) Agenda Setting Participants Mass media Elites Parties Candidates for elective office Activity Publicizing societal values Expressing demand for gov’t action How do problems get on the Agenda? Determine who is affected -more extreme problem = easier to get on ex. 911 attacks = terrorist prevention policies -concentration = majority of people affected in area -range = more people affected -visibility = the more visible to the public Analogy and spillover -more new issue looks like old National interests: security, economy Crisis: issue can no longer be ignored 6) intergovernmental 7) What are the three key elements for understanding criminal justice? Which of these elements is the most difficult to achieve? Defend your answer.
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- Certainty – a crime will be severely punished, justice must be sure - Swiftness – punishment must be carried out expediently - Severity – punishment must outweigh any potential benefits derived from a life of crime. Problems with 3 elements: - Lack of certainty (in my opinion most difficult to achieve) - 12 million serious crimes are reported each year. - only 1.7 million people are arrested for these crimes. - only 300,000 of those charged receive jail time - our current criminal justice system does not ensure punishment for crime 8) What are the explanations of poverty? Which of these explanations do you believe is the most accurate? Defend your answer? Low Productivity
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PPD 225 Midterm #1 Study Guide - 1) What is the best...

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