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Econ 419 – Industrial Organization Jura Liaukonyte Homework 5 Due Wed, April 11th, in my mailbox NOTE: All HWs will be picked up at 3:30PM – if you HW is not in my mailbox by then, it will be considered late submission. Submit ONE version per study group. Write legibly. I reserve a right not to grade messy or illegible answers. Include a title page, listing the homework number and the names of all members of the study group. PART I – Analytical Problems 1. End-Of-Chapter problems: Chapter 18: Problems 1, 2, 3 2. End-Of-Chapter problems: Chapter 20: Problem 1 3. End-Of-Chapter problems: Chapter 21: Problems 2, 4 PART II – Blog post by your Study Group Blog assignment guidelines: http://people.virginia.edu/~jl2ym/blogguide.htm Just like in HW 2 and 4 – comment on your peers’ blog post and write your own on one of the topics listed below. Topics of choice for this HW assignment: 1) Advertising 2) Research and Development
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Advertising and Market Power 4) Brand Images 5) Persuasive/Complementary Advertising 6) Informative advertising 7) In case you are unsure if your selected topic fits, email me and we will discuss! In the submitted paper version of this HW just write down the name of your blog post. PART III Ackerberg, D. “Empirically Distinguishing Informative and Prestige Effects of Advertising”, RAND Journal of Economics , Vol. 32, No. 2, 2001. pp100-118 Read the non-technical sections of the paper and answer in your own words the questions listed below. Your answers need to be short (several sentences for each question) and to the point. Typed answers are highly recommended and much appreciated. 1. What are the concrete question(s) studied in this paper? 2. What is the contribution of the paper? How does it relate to what we already knew? 3. What are the main empirical findings of this paper?...
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