exam1_2006 - 26. A well-defined apical meristem, a...

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A well-defined apical meristem, a multicellular embryo, and alternation of multicellular generations characterize which of the following taxa A. Land plants B. Green algae C. Red algae D. Extremophiles E. Brown algae 27. The seed plant clade includes: A. Diatoms and kelps B. Ferns and gymnosperms C. Mosses, ferns and gymnosperms D. Angiosperms and gymnosperms E. Lycophytes and ferns 28. The multicellular sex organ within which the eggs of pine trees are formed is called a(n): A. Gametophyte B. Sporophyte C. Archegonium D. Antheridium E. Integument 29. This group of unicellular algae has two flagella of equal length that are perpendicular to one another. The beating of these flagella cause the organism to move in a characteristic spinning motion. In large numbers, these organisms can cause “red tides” that are responsible for the killing of large numbers of fish and other invertebrates. A. Diatoms B. Euglenids C. Dinoflagellates D. Oomycetes E. Kinetoplastids 30. This phylum is characterized by a gametophyte dominant alternation of generations lifecycle A. Red algae B. Mosses C. Green algae D. Gymnosperms E. None of the above 31. The ostrich and emu look very similar and live in similar habitats, however they are not very closely related. This is an example of A. Divergent evolution B. Convergent evolution C. Sympatric speciation
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exam1_2006 - 26. A well-defined apical meristem, a...

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