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Sheet1 Page 1 Infobox Country native_name = ''Amerika Sāmoa/Sāmoa Amelika'' conventional_long_name = American Samoa common_name = American Samoa image_flag = Flag of American Samoa.svg125px image_coat = American samoa coa.png80px image_map = LocationAmericanSamoa.png national_motto national_anthem = The Star-Spangled Banner, Amerika Samoa official_languages = English languageEnglish, Samoan languageSamoan capital = Pago Pago largest_city = government_type = leader_title1 = List of governors of American SamoaGovernor leader_name1 = Togiola Tulafono area_rank = 212th area_magnitude = 1 E8 area_km2 = 199 area_sq_mi = 76.83 percent_water = 0 population_estimate = 57,663 population_estimate_rank = 204th population_estimate_year = 2007 population_census = 57,291 population_census_year = 2000 population_density_km2 = 353 population_density_sq_mi = 914 population_density_rank = 33rd GDP_PPP = GDP_PPP_rank = GDP_PPP_year = GDP_PPP_per_capita = GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank = sovereignty_type = United States unincorporated territory established_event1 = Treaty of Berlin established_date1 = 1899 established_event2 = Deed of Cession of Tutuila established_date2 established_event3 = Deed of Cession of Manu a ʻ established_date3 HDI = HDI_rank = HDI_year = HDI_category = currency = United States dollar currency_code = USD country_code = time_zone = utc_offset = -11 time_zone_DST = ''not observed'' utc_offset_DST = cctld = .as
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Sheet1 Page 2 calling_code = 1 684 footnote1 = Spanish languageSpanish also spoken. Image:Aq-map.pngthumb260pxrightMap of American Samoa ''American Samoa''' (lang-smAmerika Sāmoa or langsm''Sāmoa Amelika'') is an unincorporated territory of the United States lo c Err:510 Err:510 mainHistory of SamoaHistory of American Samoa Image:AmSamoa Ofu 160.JPGthumbleft300px The pre-Western history of Eastern Samoa (now American Samoa) is inextricably bound with the history of Western Samoa (n o Err:510 Early Western contact included a battle in the eighteenth century between French explorers and islanders in Tutuila, for which In March of 1889, a GermanyGerman naval force invaded a village in Samoa, and by doing so destroyed some American pro p Err:510 International rivalries in the latter half of the nineteenth century were settled by the 1899 Treaty of Berlin, 1899Treaty of Berlin After the U.S. took possession of Samoa, the United States NavyU.S. Navy built a coaling station on Pago Pago Bay for its Pa After World War I, during the time of the Mau movement in Western Samoa (then a New Zealand protectorate), there was a c o In 1938, famous aviator Ed Musick and his crew died on the Pan American World Airways S-42 Samoan Clipper over Pago P a During World War II, U.S. Marines in Samoa outnumbered the local population, having a huge cultural influence. Young Sam o After the war, Organic Act 4500, a U.S. United States Department of the InteriorDepartment of Interior-sponsored attempt to in
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American Samoa - Infobox Country native_name ='Amerika...

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