American Revolutionary War

American Revolutionary War - Refimprovedate=December...

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Sheet1 Refimprovedate=December 2007pp-semismall=yes otheruses4military actions onlypolitical and social developments, including the origins and aftermath of the warAmerican Revo FixBunchingbeg Infobox Military Conflict conflict=American Revolutionary War image=Image:Rev collage.png300px caption='''Clockwise from top left''': Battle of Bunker Hill, Death of Richard MontgomeryMontgomery at Battle of Quebec (1775 date=1775âX ¿1783 place=Eastern North America (present-day United States and Canada), Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea result=Treaty of Paris (1783)Treaty of Paris casus=Taxation without representation territory=Britain recognizes independence of the United States, cedes East Florida, West Florida, and Minorca to Spain and T combatant1=United States &lt combatant2= Kingdom of Great BritainGreat Britain &lt commander1= George Washington &lt commander2= George III of the United KingdomKing George III&lt strength1='''US''': &lt strength2='''Great Britain''': &lt casualties1=Around 25,000 killed or died of disease, 25,000 wounded casualties2=Around 24,000 killed or died of disease, 20,000 wounded FixBunchingmid Campaignbox American Revolutionary War FixBunchingend The '''American Revolutionary War''' (1775âÉ ª 1783), also known as the '''American War of Independence''',&lt Throughout the war, the British were able to use their naval superiority to capture and occupy coastal cities, but control of the Err:509 Err:510 When the war began, the British Colonists (&quot Image:Us unabhaengigkeitskrieg.jpgthumbleftGerman troops serving with the British were Seeking to coordinate military efforts, the First Continental CongressContinental Congress established (on paper) a regular ar Early in 1775, the British Army consisted of about 36,000 men worldwide, but wartime recruitment steadily increased this num Err:510 Image:American Foot Soldiers.jpgthumbThis 1780 drawing of American soldiers from the Yorktown campaign shows a black i African Americans â¾ ª slave and free â served on both sides during the war. The British actively recruited slaves belongin Most Native Americans in the United StatesNative Americans east of the Mississippi Before the war, Boston, MassachusettsBoston had been the scene of much revolutionary activity, leading to the Massachuset Page 1
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Sheet1 Image:British Army in Concord Detail.jpg400pxthumbleftThe British marching to Concord in April 1775 On the night of April 18 1775, General Gage sent 700 men to seize munitions stored by the colonial militia at Concord, Massa The militia converged on Boston, siege of Bostonbottling up the British in the city. About 4,500 more British soldiers arrived by In July 1775, newly appointed General Washington arrived outside Boston to take charge of the colonial forces and to organiz The standoff continued throughout the fall and winter. In early March 1776, heavy cannons that the patriots had Capture of Fo
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American Revolutionary War - Refimprovedate=December...

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