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Case study 2 - Case study 2 Design Process Tho Nguyen Prof...

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Case study 2: Design Process Tho Nguyen Prof Prem Jadhwani CIS 524 Computer Interactions and Design Process 5/27/2016 Strayer Univeristy
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Abstract The local DMV would like a company to build a system that will allow receptionists to check customers in quickly. VJohnson, Inc., a software design company, won the bid. VJohnson, Inc. will build a prototype to allow customers to self-check-in during busy times, and yet have receptionists check customers in non-busy times. This paper will suggest the prototyping technique to use for the DMV system. It will create a management plan containing eight to ten (8-10) stages for proper designing of the system. Explain each stage of the management plan and justify the rationale. It will estimate the length of time it will take to complete each stage of the management plan. Lastly, this paper will compare and contrast the self-check-in interface with the interface a receptionist would use. Design Process To get started with this design process, VJohnson, Inc. must first determine the type of prototype to use. There are various prototype designs. For the DMV, VJohnson, Inc. will use a high fidelity prototype design using the software package Visio. The high fidelity prototype will create a kiosk design for visual representation. The high fidelity prototype creates a more realistic environment for reviews and usability testing. This prototype will perform as an example to test the kiosk process. As a software design company it is important to seek direct interaction with users during the design phase, the development process and throughout the systems lifecycle. The Management Plan VJohnson, Inc. must create a management plan that contains at least eight (8) stages for the design of a kiosk system. According to the Software Project Management Plan written by
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