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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 : ''The Amazing Spider-Man is a comics series. For other uses see The Amazing Spider-Man (disambiguation).'' Supercbbox &lt title = The Amazing Spider-Man comic_color = background:#ff8080 image = Image:AM SM 500.jpg250px caption =''The Amazing Spider-Man'' #500 (Dec. 2003)&lt schedule = Monthly format = Ongoing publisher = Marvel Comics date = March 1963-present issues = #1-441 (March 1963 - Nov. 1998) past_current_color = background:#5be85b main_char_team = Spider-Man writers =Dan Slott&lt artists = various editors = pencillers = inkers = colorists = creative_team_month = creative_team_year = creators = Stan Lee&lt ''''The Amazing Spider-Man''''' is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics, and additionally a spin-off The A Err:509 Spider-Man first appeared in the comic book ''Amazing Fantasy'' #15 (Aug. 1962). The series was cancelled with that issue, b The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist and co-plotter Steve Ditko, and the pair produced 38 issues fro 'The Amazing Spider-Man'' is the character's flagship series. Most of the major characters and villains of the Spider-Man saga Err:510 The initial years of the book, under Lee and Ditko, chronicled Spider-Man's nascent career with his civilian life as hard-luck ye By focusing on Parker's everyday problems, Lee and Ditko created a groundbreakingly flawed, self-doubting superhero, and t Most of Spider-Man's key villains and supporting characters were introduced during this time. Issue #1 (March 1963) featured &lt The Lee-Ditko era continued to usher in a significant number of villains and supporting characters, including Doctor Octopus i Parker began attending Empire State University in #31 (Dec. 1965), the issue which also featured the first appearances of frie Although credited only as artist for most of his run, Ditko would eventually plot the stories as well as draw them, leaving Lee to In successor penciler John Romita Sr.'s first issue, #39 (Aug. 1966), archnemesis the Green Goblin discovers Spider-Man's s Lee and Romita toned down the prevalent sense of antagonism in Parker's world by improving Parker's relationship with the s Issue #50 (June 1967) introduced the highly enduring criminal mastermind the Kingpin (comics)Kingpin, who would become a Sheet1 Page 2 Err:510 Two spin-off series debuted in the 1970s: ''Marvel Team-Up'' in 1972, and ''The Spectacular Spider-Man'' in 1976. The flagshi One such story took place in the controversial issues #96-98 (May-July 1971). Writer-editor Lee defied the Comics Code Auth The &quot The most memorable work of the Conway/Kane/Romita team was #121-122 (June-July 1973), which featured the death of G By late 1973, Gil Kane was succeeded by Ross Andru, whose run lasted nearly 60 issues, from 1973 to 1978. Issue #129 (Fe Archie Goodwin (comics)Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane produced the title's 150th issue (Nov. 1975) before Len Wein became Err:510 Image:Issue252.jpgthumb''The Amazing Spider-Man'' #252 (May 1984): Spider-Man's black costume debuts. Cover art Ron FImage:Issue252....
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The Amazing Spider-Man - Sheet1 Page 1'The Amazing...

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