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MAN 320F Exam #1 Study Guide Covered Material - Textbook o Organizational Behavior , Chapters 1-7 - Articles o Jacques Knifed; The Shakeup at Ford o What Effective General Managers Really Do o What You Don’t Know About Making Decisions o Why Incentive Plans Cannot Work - Lectures o All in-class lectures Exam Format (100 points – 25% of course grade) - 25 true/false questions (2 points each) - 25 multiple choice questions (2 points each) Students should be prepared to identify, describe and apply concepts (and strategies, as appropriate) associated with (this is not a complete list):
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Unformatted text preview: -Personality issues and how they pertain to behavior-All aspects involved with decision making-Effective goals-Rokeach Value Survey-Theories X & Y-Hofstede-Hierarchy of Needs-Cognitive dissonance-Quality circles; quality teams-Ways to modify/reinforce behavior-MBOs-Types of conditioning-All aspects involved with perception-Quality management process-Successful & effective managers-Ethical guidelines-Two-Factor Theory-Self-efficacy-Motivation & Motivation Theory-Values & attitudes-Acquired Needs Theory...
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