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ACCU (organisation) - 'ACCU(previously known as'Association...

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Unformatted text preview: '''ACCU''' (previously known as ''Association of C and C++ Users'') is a worldwide organisation of people interested in programming languages. Originally, the association was primarily for C (programming language)C programmers (it was then called the CUG), but it has since added C++, C Sharp programming languageC#, Java (programming language)Java, Perl, and Python (programming language)Python programmers to its membership. Members of ACCU include professional programmers and companies as well as amateur programmers. The association is operated by a volunteer committee, which is responsible for the organisation of an ACCU Academic conferenceconference each spring in or near Oxford, as well as the publication of a number of journals. The UK Python Conference now forms a Academic conferencetrack at the ACCU conference. The association has two types of membership: Regular membership provides access to the conferences and the association's principal journal, ''C Vu'', which contains articles, letters, and book reviews by members; Advanced membership additionally provides a subscription to ''Overload'', which is designed for more advanced programmers. Full-time students qualify for membership discounts. ==External links== * http://accu.org/ ACCU Official Site * http://www.accu-usa.org/ ACCU Silicon Valley Chapter Category:C programming language family pl:ACCU</text> ...
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