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Ethics Reflection paper GBA 1023 March 24, 2008 Ethics play a tremendous role in business and its development. Now days that the world has changed, people have become more corrupt and have the idea of doing what is best for them. This is the reason why businesses fail to do their job; they may have a lack of people with good faith and determination. Many people base their ethics on different aspects either being based on religion, communities, friends, family and more. All this are based on different beliefs and is what makes people act differently in several aspects. As to me, family is what has had a major role in what is my ethical belief. Families raise their young in different ways and with different principles. My family being extremely conservative has raised me with ethical beliefs that might favor me while working in a company or business. My family is a well known family in Honduras and is involved with several companies, industries and banks there. We also own a real estate company which is currently developing new projects in Honduras. This has led me to
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get more involved in what is the family business. By being involved in this, I attend executive meetings and meet important people and other associates. This I believe has formed my ethics into business ethics. It is difficult for people to realize when they start developing ethical foundations during their life until they have passed that stage and are aware of it. As every person has different ethical perspectives, we also have different epochs in which we have developed that insight of what our ethics and ethical values are. I believe that as growing up you become aware of the
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GBA reflections paper - Ethics Reflection paper GBA 1023...

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