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GBA Essay draft #2 - to start off with what I learned...

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GBA 02/18/2008 Essay Draft 2 When did your ethical foundation start to develop? It is difficult for people to realize when they start developing ethical foundations during their life until they have passed that stage and are aware of it. As every person has different ethical perspectives, we also have different epochs in which we have developed that insight of what our ethics and ethical values are. I believe that as growing up you become aware of the ethics needed to succeed in this life which rely on each of ones families and how we have been raised. In theory if you grow up in a family with no ethics the probabilities of you not having education or ethical opinions is minimum, as if you were raised to be worried about your ethics and how to act in front of different people you might have a broad understanding about ethics in every perspective. I believe I became aware of my ethical foundation as a teenager. Leaving home and beginning college when I was seventeen made me realize I was on my own and had
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Unformatted text preview: to start off with what I learned whenever I was living at home with my parents. This was the start of my ethical foundation. I began to improve qualities and to think before taking actions, being a more serious and responsible person, learning to differentiate right from wrong, ethical from unethical. Throughout my infant, adolescent and teenage life I had been raised with morals and ethical understanding. It is now that I am improving these skills and forming them into my rhythm of life. My father tells me I started to become aware of my ethical foundation when I was young. Going to work with him and joining him in business meetings I believe is the cause for this opinion. As to when I started developing these foundations, he said as a teenager whenever on my own will I started trying to engage in businesses and attending serious meetings with him....
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