01_17_2008 - MIBO4700 Dr Langford Rhinosporidium link on...

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01/17/2008 MIBO4700 Dr. Langford Rhinosporidium link on the http://premed.uga.edu/4700.htm --> Why Rhinosporidium may be falsely classified. Epidemic is a disease outbreak in a significant population that is not worldwide Pandemic is a disease outbreak that is worldwide Endemic means that the outbreak is localized in a smaller geography/population Arthrospore disease, coccidiomycosis, is endemic to the San Jaquin Valley. Organism got inhaled into the lungs Cryptococcus, in pigeon droppings in old houses in NY. (House/CSI story) Systemic disease, can be inhaled, or come into direct contact (dermatophytes) If an organism is caught from an animal and contaiminates a human, it is known as a zoophilic organism. Geophilic means caught from the soil gardener kneeling in the wet grass; Human-to-Human transmission, anthropophillic strains. Skin-Skin contact, genital-genital, or genital-oral transmission is no longer veneral disease, came from greek goddess venus. Now it is known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases Five Historically Classic VD’s Gonorrhea Syphiliis Ulcerative disease, AKA Chancre. Painless ulcer typically on genitalia or mouth Chancroid another ulcerative disease or male or female genitalia, caused by gram negative rod.
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Chlamydia Lympho Granuloma Venerulum, temporary skin ulcer, also enlarged lymph node in the groin Granuloma Inguinale ulcerative thick plaques caused by a gram negative rod that is hard to culture, caused by dononavie, calymmato bacteria (same just newer name) Some fungi have an affinity for mucosa. Histoplasma can be blood borne but it also can show up in the mucosa (ulcer) endemic to the Ohio valley region, extends to the NW GA region. Can be found deep in caves. Nosocomial means caught in a healthcare setting. Aspergillus fungal spores and fragments of hyphae found in the air ducts. Usually you have to be immuno-surpressed to have a systemic infection.
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01_17_2008 - MIBO4700 Dr Langford Rhinosporidium link on...

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