01_08_2008 - MIBO 4700 Langford 1/8/08 Supplemental Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: MIBO 4700 Langford 1/8/08 Supplemental Notes V1.0 PMN activity diminished in humans is known as neutropenic. Neutropenic patients are predisposed to fungal infections. The first two genera to think of when working with blood borne infections with these patients are candida and aspergillus . Usually the patient will be misdiagnosed for bacterial infections. Neutrophills and Monocytes (macrophage) are phagocytes and kill by ingesting then killing usually by the phago-lysozyme complex When a phagocyte cannot kill an organism, the organism is contained and walled off in what is known as a granuloma An example of this is Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a Mycobacteria which has mycolic acid in the walls. This prevents the cell from being able to form the attack complex and also contains Super oxide dismutase (?) Granuloma can be misdiagnosed as a tumor in inaccessible areas (lung, brain etc.) BCH infections can mimic tuberculosis infections but theyre fungal B lastomyces C occidoides H istoPlasmids These are also deep fungal infections Granulomas typically last forever, but if one gives the infection can reoccur Immunosuppresive (prednisone) can cause the breakdown of granulomas Some cases have occurred of prednisone administered orally to treat poison ivy which has caused systemic blood borne tuberculosis infections Granular Leukocytes Eosinophills Basophills are responsible for realizing histamine...
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01_08_2008 - MIBO 4700 Langford 1/8/08 Supplemental Notes...

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