01_22_2008 - MIBO4700 Dr Langford[apologies the recorder...

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01/22/2008 MIBO4700 Dr. Langford [apologies, the recorder died after 36 minutes so It’s all I got] Looking at spores and hyphae under lactophenol cotton blue, know why the ingredients are in the culture etc. Cyclohexamide etc. You can take a piece of tape, stick it to fungus then apply to slide with lactophenol cotton blue, this allows the preservation of phenotypic features Microspores and Macrospores, smaller and larger spores respectively. Until recent year, medical mycology was phenotypically dominated, now genotypes are beginning to rise. Histopathologic diagnosis of the mycosis: looking at slides, taking body cultures, asking the lab to culture on fungal and bacterial media. Now we look at infiltrates on the chest xray, and coughs. Can have them cough without being contaminated by normal mouth flora. If they grow on culture, the abnormal xray, is their a pulmonary problem of fungal infection? Maybe, you don’t quite know, not as clear cut as with bacteria. If you grow S. Pneumonia from deep inside the lung, it is probably the cause bc not normal flora or supposed ot be there. However fungi could be there or have landed on the plate. In order to diagnose, the pathologist must demonstrate invasion of the human tissue below the surface, not just in the lining, mucosa, urine etc. It is possible to extract a plug of skin and place in formaldehyde and sterile saline.
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01_22_2008 - MIBO4700 Dr Langford[apologies the recorder...

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