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MAN 320F Exam 3 Study Guide

MAN 320F Exam 3 Study Guide - strategies as appropriate...

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MAN 320F Exam #3 Study Guide Covered Material - Textbook o Organizational Behavior , Chapters 14, 15, 18, 19 - Articles o Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change o Towards a Dynamic Theory of Strategy o AES Corp.: Rewriting the Rules of Management - Story o Who Moved My Cheese? - Lectures o All in-class lectures & videos Exam Format (100 points – 25% of course grade) - 25 true/false questions (2 points each) - 25 multiple choice questions (2 points each) Students should be prepared to identify, describe and apply concepts (and
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Unformatted text preview: strategies, as appropriate) associated with (this is not a complete list):-Power and its different types-Politics within organizations & different types of political behavior-Human resources and the various ways HR works within companies-Change management within organizations-Change agents-Stress and how it affects individuals and organizations-Distributive and integrative bargaining-Conflict & negotiations-Different views of conflict...
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