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Page 1 PHY 317K August 31, 2006 HOMEWORK # 1 DUE on September 13, 2006 by 8:00pm Instructions: Use an UT ANSWER SHEET to mark answers. Provide your NAME (last, first), UTEID , and UNIQUE NUMBER of the course. Sign and date it. The answer sheets must be placed in the 317K box located by the bulletin board outside PAI 2.48. Late homework will not be graded . Answer the following 50 questions: 1. A nanosecond is: A) 10 9 s B) 10 –9 s C) 10 –10 s D) 10 –10 s E) 10 –12 s 2. Which of the following weighs about a pound? 3. The number of significant figures in 15.0 is: 4. 1.513 + 27.3 =
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