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Sound Design 1. Introduction a. “silent film” never existed – even when there was no dialogue, music would be playing or barkers would try to match the motion of the mouths with voiceovers. i. Allefax – machine that made 70+ sound effects. 1. Significant b/c it showed that sound was important, even in the “silent era”. **Hard to recognize a visual error in a film, but anybody will recognize a sound error. **Ears are more sensitive than eyes, but harder for humans to recognize the source of the sound as opposed to the source of the sight. ** “Sound Design gets coined in 1979. Walter Mirch was the 1 st Sound Designer in a film, Apocalypse Now. 2. Components of the Soundtrack a. Verbal i. Dialogue – spoken words. ii. Off-screen Voice – words spoken to the audience, that are unheard by the characters. 1. Authoritative Narration – the voice of God, not a character, objective POV. 2. “I” Narration – is a character who’s seen at times. Subjective POV. iii. Singing – on-screen voice. b. Music i. Source Music – heard by characters and audience. ii. Underscoring – heard only by the audience. Conveys thematic value. **is the type of music suitable? ** is the length of the music suitable? ** is the placing of the music suitable? c. Sound Effects / Natural Sound – everything else heard besides verbal & music. **creates ambiance.
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Lecture Notes, Wk 7 - Week 7 pg. 1 Sound Design 1....

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