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Carolyn Geils 100278374 PSY 113 Alice Cheng 4/9/08 The Pursuit of Happiness: Behaviors As a part of learning about psychology, the study of human’s behavior is widely viewed. Personality and behavior are defined as the distinctive characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that make up an individual’s personal style of interacting with the physical and social environment. An excellent example of studying behavior is the popular movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. In this movie, the main character Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is faced with many obstacles to provide for his family. At first Chris, his wife, and son (Christopher) have put all of their life savings into a franchise of selling bone density scanners, which are priced too high for local doctors and hospitals. When money becomes an issue and the family is largely in debt the wife leaves with the son, but brings Christopher back at the request of Chris (the father) before the wife goes to New York City for a better job. Father and son are soon evicted from their home and forced to sleep on city buses, subway restrooms, and shelters. During this time Chris runs into a man from a brokerage
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thepursuitofhappiness - Carolyn Geils 100278374 PSY 113...

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