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Psychology 1025 (Groups)

Psychology 1025 (Groups) - Psychology Groups The Challenger...

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Psychology 10/25/07 Groups The Challenger Explosion (January 28, 1986) o 76 seconds after lift-off, the shuttle exploded, because of a leak in the rocket booster field joint o The shuttle was launched in abnormally cold temperatures Effects of Mere Presence of Others o Social facilitation : Arousal from presence of other people and the knowledge you are being evaluated People do better on simple tasks and worse on complex tasks Michaels et al. (1982): 4 students observed either novice or experienced pool players shoot pool It depends on how good you are If you’re good you’ll get better if you’re observed If you’re bad you’ll get worse if you’re observed o Social Loafing : Relaxation from presence of other people and knowledge you cannot be evaluated People do worse on simple tasks and better on complex tasks i.e. group projects where there is no evaluation o Deindividuation : Feelings of anonymity and reduced individuality, resulting in the
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