Psychology 1113 (ProSocial Behavior)

Psychology 1113 (ProSocial Behavior) - Psychology...

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Psychology 11/13/07 Pro-social Behavior When and Why do people help others? o Example One: Candid camera o Example Two: In 1982, Anne Herbert coined the phrase, “Random Acts of Kindness” Idea is to do random kind acts for others with no intention of being repaid o Types and Frequencies of Helping Behaviors amoung College Students (McGuire, 1994) Casual Helping Helping with school work Lending a book Substantial Personal Helping Bringing or sending flowers Emotional helping Listening to someone talk through a problem Emergency Helping Why do people help? o Basic motives Evolutionary Psychology Social Exchange Empathy and altruism Evolutionary psychology o How explain why people help others, at personal risk to themselves? Kin selection It’s not a conscious process, research is done with animals.
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People are more willing to help their relatives than random strangers. Norm of reciprocity
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Psychology 1113 (ProSocial Behavior) - Psychology...

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