Topic 2 Explanations of Family Change

Topic 2 Explanations of Family Change - Topic 2:Theoretical...

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1 Sociology 169 Topic 2:Theoretical Perspectives on Family Change Bianchi and Casper. 2004. “Explaining Family Change…” Topic 2a: Explanations of Change: A Family demographic Perspective ± What is a theory? ± How do social scientists theorize about family change and variation? Theories of Family Change ± What is a Theory? ± Attempts to move beyond observations of “what” to questions of “why” and “how” ± Idea or hypothesis Theoretical Frameworks to Explain the “How” and “Why” of Family Change ± Demographic Transition Theory ± The Life-Course Perspective ± Decision-Making Theories ± Biology and Demographic Processes ± Social Structural, Context, and Cultural Theories ± Feminist Theories
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2 Theoretical Frameworks ± Demographic Transition Theory ± Societies start from high-mortality, high fertility regimes. ± First move to low-mortality, high-fertility, creating large population growth. ± Then fertility declines and mortality and fertility are in balance (zero population growth) Theoretical Frameworks ± Second Demographic Transition ± Motivated by same factors as the first transition (e.g., desires for improved standards of living, investment in the quality of fewer children) ± New features: ± Increased value put on individual autonomy of adults ± The goal of female emancipation ± Loosening of grip of institutional controls (state and church) ± Advanced consumerism ± Higher quality demand of relationships ± More diversity in relationships Theoretical Frameworks
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Topic 2 Explanations of Family Change - Topic 2:Theoretical...

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