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Lease Agreement The term of this agreement shall commence on: _____ (day) of ________ (month) ______ (year) until _____ (day) of ________ (month) ______ (year). This lease shall automatically self-extend under the same terms and conditions as the initial agreement and shall continue in full force and effect from month - to - month unless and until otherwise terminated. The parties involved in this agreement involve the “ Kenyan State” (hereinafter, called the “landlord” and expresses his heirs, successor in title and assigns) Name: _____________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ City/State/Zip: _________________________ Phone No: ____________________ And the limited liability company duly incorporated under the laws of Kenya (hereinafter, referred to as the “tenant” expresses its successor in title and assigns): Name: _____________________________________ Registered Address: ____________________________________ City/State/Zip: _________________________ Phone No: ____________________ WHEREAS: A. The landlord is the holder of title covering ALL that ________________________________________ (property type, property details, etc.) municipally situated at ________________________________________ (address) (hereinafter, referred to as the “ DEMISED PREMISES ”). B. The tenant is avid of leasing the Demised Premises for a period of __________ years and renewable for a further period of __________ years at the option of the TENANT. C. The Landlord has agreed to let, and the TENANT has agreed to rent the Demised Premises, subject to the terms and conditions set forth hereunder. 1. Terms and Conditions of Agreement 1.1 The landlord leases the “ DEMISED PREMISES ” to the tenant ‘as is’ for a term of __________ years (hereinafter, referred to as the “ Term ”) subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Term shall commence on the start date specified in clause 1.2 below and, at the option of the tenant, may be extended for an additional period of __________ years ending no later than __________ years from the start date. 1.2 The tenant hereby takes the “DEMISED PREMISES” ‘as is’ for the Term commencing from __________ da y __________ month __________ year (hereinafter, referred to as the “ Start Date ”) and to expire on __________ day __________ month __________ year, for which the tenant agrees to pay the landlord the aggregate advance rent at a ____ rent of _______________________________________ (amount in words) net of withholding tax and other outgoings, the said sum of _______________________________________ (amount in words) having been paid by the tenant the landlord (together with all agency and legal fees, in
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