Water & Carbon

Water & Carbon - Bio 101 General Topics this semester...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 101 General Topics this semester 1. Biological Chemistry 2. Cell Biology 3. Genetics 4. Animal diversity 5. Animal systems – structure and function Biological Chemistry A. Carbon B. Water C. Macromolecules • Carbohydrates • Lipids • Proteins • Nucleic acids Why study Biological Chemistry? • Thousands of processes occur inside cells • Chemical reactions control, transfer, store, & use energy • Raw materials pass into cells & are stored, consumed, taken apart, used to make new products • This activity takes place on a scale too small to be seen • Understanding how cells accomplish & regulate these activities requires an understanding of the chemistry involved • Therefore, biological chemistry is an important part of the study of biology • The most important elements in living things are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and CARBON A. Complex molecules and carbon • Cells are composed of complex molecules • Most important cell molecules are based on carbon • Molecules that contain carbon are called organic • Carbon can form 4 covalent bonds with other molecules:- strong attraction between 2 atoms that share electrons...
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Water & Carbon - Bio 101 General Topics this semester...

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