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African Horse Sickness

African Horse Sickness - Mild form Zebras – natural host...

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Virus Also known as “horse plague” Incubation = 2-21 days 90% mortality in horses – 10% in donkeys Not contagious – highly infectious Vector = Culicoides Symptoms : Swelling of the eye (most common) Depression Pulmonary exudates High fever 3 Forms : Pulmonary form – high mortality (100%) Cardiac form – also high mortality, takes longer to die
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Unformatted text preview: Mild form ** Zebras – natural host not effected ** Camels, Elephants and Cats all can carry it Primarily occurs in North + South Africa, Spain o Considered a foreign disease o Seen in South African racehorses NO TREATMENT AFRICAN HORSE SICKNESS NO VACCINES...
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