FMD - Foot and Mouth Disease

FMD - Foot and Mouth Disease - ** forms blisters (vesicles)...

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Viral disease   Apthovirus 7 strains --- 60 subtypes o Some vaccines have no effect on some strains Endemic in Africa, Mongolia, portion of South America Vesicular disease (forms vesicles) Primarily effects cloven-hoofed animals o Pigs mostly o Also cattle, sheep and goats ** In an infected pig   100 million infected doses per day Vectors  = foam mite, birds Not a zoonotic disease CAN BE USED AS A MAJOR BIOTERRORIST WEAPON o Very dangerous o Can wipe out the entire economy – severe economic losses Morbidity = 100%  Can live 12-14 hours in human sinus cavities        Can travel up to 10 miles as an aerosol             can live on various surfaces for days or weeks (clothing, shoes)                  can survive for months in infected animal meat Symptoms FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE
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Unformatted text preview: ** forms blisters (vesicles) around the mouth and on hooves lip, tongue, nose, muzzle, udder High fever Severe cases: hooves will Painful to stand on feet slough off Excessive drooling Sucking on own tongue Vesicles usually develop within 48 hours ** can pass through semen and urine can also pass placentally (saving infected embryos Other animals that can get infected :- elephants- rats and mice- hedgehogs- llamas and alpacas- armadillos Eliminate every animal within a 10-mile radius every virus is killed at 160 o degrees Humans can be carriers arent effected like animals Other vesicular diseases : Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD) Vesicular Stomatitis * pigs are allergic to turnips if fed: develop symptoms for these diseases...
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FMD - Foot and Mouth Disease - ** forms blisters (vesicles)...

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