week 14 review

week 14 review - o Deportation o Enslavement • Crimes...

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FINAL REVIEW WEEK 14: DECEMBER 3 RD  – 7 TH Compare and contrast the plight of Jews in Romania and Hungary Most of the killings were carried out by Romanians Some died by suffocation on trains Hungary o Some persecutions o Racial laws o Jobs removed o Moved Jewish men to front lines in the military What were the problems of negotiating with Nazis? At the end of the war, tried negotiating for Jewish lives Would be putting the value of human life above the war Could they rely on Nazis to keep their end of the bargain? How did the Nazis react when they realized that their defeat was imminent? Got rid of evidence o Dug up bodies and burned them o Burned important documents o Destroyed crematoriums and gas chambers What crimes were Nazis charged with at the War Crimes Trials? Crimes against humanity   persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds o Murder o Extermination
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Unformatted text preview: o Deportation o Enslavement • Crimes against peace (planning a war) • War crimes • Conspiracy to commit crimes What defenses were put forward? • Nazis were just “following orders” • Ignorance • Claimed they were brainwashed • Nazi Regime – hard not to follow orders Were the War Crimes Trails successful in carrying out their purpose? • International Military Tribunal (IMT) o Tried 22 of the most important German war criminals • Trials lasted a year (1945-1946) What happened to the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust after the war? • Many were afraid to return home because of anti-Semitism that persisted in parts of Europe • Those that did return home feared for their lives • Jews were placed in displaced-persons camps • Israel was established in May 1948 o 170,000 Jewish displaced persons had immigrated by 1953...
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week 14 review - o Deportation o Enslavement • Crimes...

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