MMA - Metritis Mastitis Agalacia

MMA - Metritis Mastitis Agalacia - (normally – looks like...

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Not a specific disease – compilation o Metritis = inflammation of uterus o Mastitis = inflammation of mammary glands o Agalacia = loss of milk Bacterial infection – very common In Pigs:  within 12 hours of farrowing…symptoms will start to manifest  106 fever in Sow (102.5 normal temp.) **Normal udder – firm but pliable, not overly hot **Abnormal udder – red blotches, feels like a hard rubber ball, clumps  When feeding – very thin, no fat, very watery
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Unformatted text preview: (normally – looks like cream) Death rate = 90% (if untreated) Give any antibiotics for at least 3 days o Within 2 hours – see improvement You don’t want to isolate the babies from the mother o Babies will massage the udder **If treated quickly – Sow will be 100% better **If untreated within 24 hours = DEATH METRITIS MASTITIS AGALACIA...
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