National Securities and Civil Liberties Mid Term notes political science 3381

National Securities and Civil Liberties Mid Term notes political science 3381

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What is terrorism? State department: premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non- combatant targets by subnational groups or clandenstine agents, usually intended to influence an audience I. War on Terror a. Hamdi vs. Rumsfeld- Supreme ct. reaffirmed right of US citizens to seek writs of habeas corpus even if designated enemy combatants i. On novermber 13, 2001 President allowed any terrorist links ot be detained indefinitely 1. Military order, not an executive order 2. Framed off of Roosevelt’s order establishing military tribunal in Quirin 3. Laws of war a. In Quirin case, court found that military commissions are sanctioned for any “Common law of war” ii. Does president have right to name these people enemy combatants? Does Hamdi have the right to Habeas Corpus? 1. Ina 5-3 ruling, the supreme court stopped congress of right to strip people of habeas corpus by the president 2. MCA of 2006- by congress, allowed heabeas corpus to be restricted for foreign enemy combatants Hart-Rudman Commission and Ambassador Bremer predicted the attack After attacks, Hart-Rudman not enacted, Cheney put in charge of response  Changes After:  focus not on catching and punishing terrorists after an attack but on preventing one from taking  place.  Consider that terrorism is no longer primarily a threat from abroad.  9/11 Commission report:  Covered 8 topic areas: Al Qaeda and the Organization of the 9-11 Attack  Intelligence Collection, Analysis, and Management (including oversight and resource  allocation)  International Counterterrorism Policy, including states that harbor or harbored terrorists, or  offer or offered terrorists safe havens  Terrorist Financing  Border Security and Foreign Visitors  Law Enforcement and Intelligence Collection inside the United States  Commercial Aviation and Transportation Security, including an Investigation into the  Circumstances of the Four Hijackings 
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The Immediate Response to the Attacks at the National, State, and Local levels, including  issues of Continuity of Government   USA Patriot Act  (information on specific sections, government reports, as well as debates and articles pro-  and con- can be found in the course readings, lecture slides and in  Patriot Act Resources ) Does the following: • give federal law enforcement and intelligence officers greater authority (at least temporarily) to gather and share evidence particularly with respect to wire and electronic communications; • amend federal money laundering laws, particularly those involving overseas financial activities; • create new federal crimes, increase the penalties for existing federal crimes, and adjust existing federal criminal procedure, particularly with respect to acts of terrorism; • modify immigration law, increasing the ability of federal authorities to prevent
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National Securities and Civil Liberties Mid Term notes political science 3381

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