Leptospirosis - with wetted soil or polluted puddles to...

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Bacterial zoonotic disease Primary Hosts: o Rats o Mice o Voles Found throughout the world – more than 200 known strains infecting mammals Well suited for wet, moist environments Transmitted through urine of the infected animal o Direct contact with urine, semen or tissues Doesn’t live naturally in fresh water Can only survive outside an animal host for a number of days The disease therefore requires a population of mammalian carriers, normally together 
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Unformatted text preview: with wetted soil or polluted puddles, to keep the cycle going Symptoms: Treatment: No human vaccines Vomiting – fever antibiotics Loss of appetite Reduced urine output Prevention: Unusually dark or brown urine vaccinate your animals! Lethargic Diagnosed by: blood test or urinalysis LEPTOSPIROSIS...
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