Mastitis in Cows

Mastitis in Cows - ** Doesn’t necessarily affect all 4...

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Very common – occurs all over the U.S. Costs dairy farmers more money than any other disease o #1 – FMD o #2 - Mastitis Inflammation of the mammary glands – bacterial 2 forms : Environmental o Facilities are dirty o Caused by ecoli and strep o 2 types = Acute and Chronic Contagious o Caused by either strep or staph (strep agalacia, staph averus) o 2 types = Acute and Chronic Symptoms : Normal udder = pink, smooth and pliable, feels like a tennis ball Infected udder: o Hard o Hot  o Cakey (lumps) Severe infection: o Very hard o More inflamed, turns red o Milk is very runny – not a good consistency Solid Looks like spaghetti Somatic WBCs
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Unformatted text preview: ** Doesn’t necessarily affect all 4 quarters: can be localized in just one MASTITIS If you look at diary farmers today: milking parlors with resting areas look at somatic cell count o Once the count becomes elevated = problems Under 100,000 = very good 200,000 = good 400,000 – 500,000 = cheese plants 750,000 = bad, pour milk out ** Oxytocin helps to release milk Diagnosis and Treatment : Have a clean facility - SANITATION Clean the udder after milking Dip teats in iodine ** Chronic Contagious – high drug resistance Sanitation plays a small part...
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Mastitis in Cows - ** Doesn’t necessarily affect all 4...

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