CL - Caseous Lymphandenitis

CL - Caseous Lymphandenitis - Diagnosis and Treatment •...

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Bacterial infection in goats – highly contagious Zoonotic – foreign disease Transmission :  enters the body through broken skin Fomites Contact with pus ** Can live in the soil for months or even years Symptoms : Superficial form o Abscesses form under the skin around head and legs o Will burst and drain Visceral form o Abscesses form on kidneys and liver
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Unformatted text preview: Diagnosis and Treatment : • Test pus from abscesses • Quarantine animals • Drain abscesses + flush ** For the visceral form – there is no cure Vaccine – modified live should cull animals showing signs #1 MEAT CONSUMED IN THE WORLD = GOAT MEAT CASEOUS LYMPHANDENITIS...
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