Pestes de Petites

Pestes de Petites - • 2-3 days later o Diarrhea...

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also known as “Goat Plague” Virus in small ruminants o Morbillivirus similar to Rinderpest Mainly found in eastern Africa and Middle East Transmitted : Direct contact Symptoms : Fever – depression – fatigue Discharge from the nose, mouth, eyes o Secondary infection discharge turns yellow 1-2 days later o Mucosal membranes turn red, tissue death in mouth
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Unformatted text preview: • 2-3 days later o Diarrhea, hemorrhaging, gut tissue sloughs off Incubation = 2-6 days ** In endemic population – no huge losses 90% morbidity – 50-80% mortality ** looks similar to vesicular diseases (sore mouth, bluetongue, rinderpest) No cure, modified live vaccine PESTES DE PETITES...
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