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Johne's and Crohn's

Johne's and Crohn's - JOHNE'S DISEASE Chronic progressive...

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Chronic, progressive enteric disease of ruminants o affects dairy and beef cattle, goats, sheep Caused by  Mycobacterium avium  ssp.  Paratuberculosis o degeneration of the ileum of the small intestine Characteristics : Aerobic Heat resistant Sequesters inside white blood cells How common is it?    found worldwide United States   Beef cows (7.8%) Dairy Cows (22%) Manifestation : Primary infection route: oral-fecal o also ingestion of contaminated milk or colostrums Incubation period = 2 to 5 years Extensive granulomatous inflammation in the ileum Clinical Signs : Mimic intestinal parasite infection Diarrhea Weight loss with appetite Unthrifty Substantial drops in production Infertility or reproductive difficulties Shedding in feces – can exceed 10 billion organisms/1g of feces Death Why is Johne’s a concern for dairy farmers?
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