Chapter_2-Competing with IT

Chapter_2-Competing with IT - Competing with Information...

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1 Competing with Information Technology Competing with Information Technology “IT Doesn’t Matter” – Harvard Business Review Since every company has access to IT, is IT irrelevant? Competing with Information Technology GE – “IT is a business imperative, get 20% return on IT investments (invest $2.5 billion per year)” Is spending a lot of money on IT enough? Competing with Information Technology Dell Corp – “IT is a huge advantage” competitive advantage if you do it really well or sinkhole if you do it really really bad.
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Competing with Information Technology Intel – “’IT does not matter’ is a grossly wrong statement” is IT so close to maturation that it offers no competitive advantage? it’s like saying “I have an old three speed bike and Lance Armstrong has a bike” so there is no competitive advantage Competing with Information Technology “Nicholas Carr may be ultimately correct when he says IT Doesn’t Matter. Business process improvement, competitive advantage, optimization, and business success do matter and they aren’t commodities. To facilitate these changes, IT can be considered a differentiator or a necessary evil. But today, it’s a must in a real-time corporation – Ralph Szygenda, CIO of General Motors Competing with Information Technology Microsoft – “Got to emphasize ‘I’ on ‘IT’” It’s like saying companies have enough information on their operations, customers, and employees. Competing with Information Technology Paul Strassman CIO at General Foods, Xerox, the Pentagon, NASA: “The hardware isn’t worth a damn. It’s just disposable. IT is a knowledge-capital issue. It’s basically a huge
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Chapter_2-Competing with IT - Competing with Information...

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