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Physics - Series and Paralell

Physics - Series and Paralell - Optics of the Eye Abstract...

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Optics of the Eye Abstract: The purpose of this lab was to study the human eye and various defects which may impair vision, as well as the use of certain lenses to correct those defects, using a large model of the eye filled with water and a light source. During the experiment, we simulated different conditions and impairments by moving the retina or changing lenses on the model and then finding the proper spectacle lens to correct each problem. When hypermetropia was simulated by moving the retina forward, we found that the -1.75 diopter lens worked best to correct this defect. When we simulated astigmatism by inserting a negative cylindrical lens, we were best able to correct it by using the positive cylindrical lens perpendicular to the vertical negative lens. With a compound defect of astigmatism and myopia, we used a +1.75 lens (cylindrical converging) and a +2.00 lens (spherical converging) in order to correct it. We also simulated the removal of the lens to show that it could be corrected by using a +7 diopter lens with a maximum distance of 19.5 cm for distinct vision. Introduction The human eye is an incredibly complex optical instrument that, even today, is not fully understood. A simple explanation is that the various optical parts of the eye all
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work in combination to focus an image on the retina. This stimulus is transmitted by nerve signals to the brain where it is then interpreted 1 . These parts are shown in Figure 1 below. As technology continues to advance, some scientists are currently working on using fMRI technology in order to analyze the activity of the brain during eye activity such as tracking movements
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Physics - Series and Paralell - Optics of the Eye Abstract...

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