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Introduction to Genetic Analysis (Introduction to Genetic Analysis (Griffiths))

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Chapter 17.1: Variation and its modulation Supplements Chapter 4 (SNPs) I) Restriction site variation A) Digest DNA with restriction enzymes to observe levels of variation in sequences B) Insertions or deletions of stretches of DNA along DNA strand b/t locations of restriction sites causes lengths to vary II) Tandem repeats—from occurrence of multiply repeated DNA sequences A) Vary from dozen to >100 B) Known as VNTRs (variable number tandem repeats) C) When cut with restriction enzymes, fragment will be proportional to number of repeated elements III) Complete sequence variation—variation in nucleotide at single position (SNP)
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Unformatted text preview: A) DNA sequence variation studied in protein-coding regions of genes 1) Can be translated to reveal amino acid sequence differences in proteins from different ind. In population or species a) Different regions show different amounts of polymorphisms 2) Used to study base-pairs that don’t determine or change protein sequence a) May be regulatory b) Silent or synonymous base-pair polymorphisms c) More common than changes that result in amino acid polymorphism...
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