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Jamaica kincaid

Jamaica kincaid - The mother’s voice which dominates...

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Jamaica Kincaid- Response “Girl”, written by Jamaica Kincaid is a fictional piece of literature that consists of countless thoughts to how a woman should act. Basically, the essay consists of a mother attempting to mold her child into a respectable woman. The daughter receives numerous, stringent guidelines from the proper way to clean clothes to the acceptable way to prepare a meal. The underlying theme, that the mother stresses multiple times, is to not be a “slut;” yet a well-mannered woman with principles.
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Unformatted text preview: The mother’s voice which dominates throughout the story is exceptionally controlling. Her views of the way her daughter should present herself in society are very strong. While the mother projects countless statements of advice on being a proper woman and serving her family, she also illustrates the fact that she must always stand up for herself and her own values. Regardless, the mother and daughter have a close, personal relationship in which the “girl” is taught important ethics....
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