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Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality - 3 Advertising always uses sex to sell...

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Human Sexuality Notes 1/17/08 1. Media & Sexuality: tells us what is appropriate and with whom and why a. Most of our views come from the media b. All about lust c. Can sleep around with no consequences d. Not representative of average society e. Many things not portrayed: gay, lesbian, safe sex, erotica in marriage, consequences of unsafe sex f. Many kids and teens watch it and think it’s reality g. Female nudity, violence, and sex almost guarantee a successful movie h. In the last 12 years, almost all of Cosmo’s articles have been based on sex i. Sex is the most looked up word on the internet 2. Internet and sex a. Video b. Info c. Chat rooms
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Advertising always uses sex to sell products a. Promise if you get product, you’ll be sexier and happier 4. 2,000 t.v. programs available everyday 5. most sexually explicit commercials are jeans, perfume, and alcohol; they are directed at young people 6. Clinton-Lewinski scandal: said he didn’t have sex because oral sex is not sex 7. 2/3 movies every year are rated R 8. Stereotypes: a. Men are animals b. Women are not interested in sex 9. Egocentric fallacy: our own beliefs are held by others 10. Ethnocentric fallacy: our own ethnic group, nation, or culture is superior to others...
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