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Rhetoric Comparison Essay - WR100 L1 November 18, 2007 What...

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WR100 L1 November 18, 2007 What is Rhetoric? Rhetoric is generally known to be the art of persuasion through speaking. Back in ancient Rome, oratory was considered a grand talent and something only certain men could achieve. Rhetoric was primarily used in courthouses and in political settings. Not many people were good orators. The purpose of oratory was to persuade people to believe something that you want them to believe whether it is right or wrong. Although both Cicero and Quintilian have similar views regarding the definition of rhetoric, in depth reading and understanding must be done to realize that they disagree on many levels. Quintilian’s Institutes of Oratory was written after Cicero’s On Oratory . Cicero’s definition of rhetoric is structured around a being well educated and using persuasion to achieve your goal. Cicero also focuses on philosophy and thinks that rhetoric and philosophy should taught together. On the other hand, Quintilian believes that being successful at rhetoric is more about eloquence and the art of speaking while being a good man. Cicero, a lawyer and philosopher, was born in 106 BC. Cicero wrote many judicial and political speeches along with a numerous amount of texts regarding writing and speaking. One of Cicero’s most well known works, On Oratory, was written in 55 BC and is one of the most prevalent rhetoric books ever. Cicero states that although there are so many amazing men with exceptional talents, very few successful orators exist. Cicero is amazed that though oratory is so easy to learn, very few men pick up on it and study the art of persuasion. Cicero believes that you need to use five canons to be successful at rhetoric. These five canons are invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. The main 1
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WR100 L1 difference between the two orators is that Cicero was an avid supporter for the idea that persuasion is the bases of a good orator. Without persuasion, you would not be a good advertisement. It does not matter whether your are white or black, rich of poor, old or young, as long as you can persuade, you can become a great orator. This is true today also. On television, there are children on commercials who barely speak the language who are persuading Americans to buy certain products. They do not accomplish this by
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Rhetoric Comparison Essay - WR100 L1 November 18, 2007 What...

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