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Joshua Farrell Intl Mgmt MWF 1:00-1:50 U.S. Manufacturing Venture Business Situation A medium-sized U.S. company wants to expand to the EU and away from Germany. This firm believes that Spain is the most viable solution to their situation. The firm believes that Spain will act as a liaison to markets like Italy and northern France. The firm has had cultural conflicts in Germany and expects similar and other cultural difficulties in these other prospective ventures. The firm would like to be proactive in determining these difficulties and remedy the problems before they occur this time around. Cultural Differences Because many employees at this U.S. manufacturing firm took INBU 4300, they know that there are many cultural differences between the United States and Europe. They know that according to Hofstede that there are four different dimensions in which cultures clash. These four dimensions are: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism, and Masculinity (Hodgetts, 102). These employees also know about Trompenaar’s different dimensions of these cultures. These dimensions include Universalism and Particularism, Individualism and Communitarianism, Neutral and Emotional cultures, Specific and Neutral cultures, and Achievement vs. Ascription culture (111, Hodgetts). This particular (not in the Trompenaar sense) firm would like to
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thought paper 2 - Joshua Farrell Intl Mgmt MWF 1:00-1:50...

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