Exam 3 - Psychology 100 Exam 3 (Covers chapters 4, 12, 15 &...

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Psychology 100 Exam 3 Due: Tuesday, April 22 Total Credit: 25 points 6 Pages Class, Please post the ANSWER SHEET in TextBox of your Assignment Folder . Don’t forget the essays. Please do not post an attachment. Good luck! Dr. L. Part 1 Multiple Choice 20 points (40 questions at ½ point each) 1. A teratogen is a(n): a) fertilized egg that undergoes rapid cell division b) unborn child with one or more physical defects c) chromosomal abnormality. d) substance that can cross the placental barrier and harm an unborn child. 2. Newborns have been observed to show the greatest visual interest in a: a) rectangular shape. c) circular shape. b) bull’s eye pattern. d) drawing of a human face. 3. Infants tendency to gaze longer at novel stimuli than at familiar ones provides compelling evidence regarding their: a) self-concepts b) egocentrism c) basic trust d) memory capacities 4. Piaget was convinced that the mind of a child: a) is like a blank slate at birth b) is not heavily influenced by maturation. c) assimilates reality differently than an adult’s does d) is heavily dependent on the child’s personality. 5. In considering day-care opportunities for their four children, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor should be most concerned about whether the experience will influence: a) egocentrism in their 3-year-old son, James. b) object permanence in their 2-year-old son, Billy. c) secure attachment in their 6-month-old daughter, Julia. d) maturation in their 4-year-old daughter, Latisha. 6. Children are likely to experience the greatest sense of personal control over their lives if their parents are: 1
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a) permissive. b)disengaged. c) authoritarian. d) authoritative. 7.Kohlberg emphasized that human behavior becomes less selfish as we mature due to: a) social development c) physical development b) cognitive development d)economic development. 8. Erikson would have suggested that adolescents can most effectively develop a sense of identity by: a) seeking a lifelong romantic relationship b) severing the emotional ties between themselves and their childhood friends. c) investigating the personal suitability of various occupational and social roles. d) adopting whatever values and expectations their parents recommend. 9. Research on the elderly has shown that: a) they grow increasingly fearful of death b) they become increasingly prone to car accidents. c) most eventually become senile d) they experience less life satisfaction than younger adults. 10. Theories of human development have been most susceptible to criticisms for overemphasizing: a) discrete age-linked stages. b) the interaction of nature and nurture. c) maturation during adolescent development d) cognitive changes during adulthood development. 11. The most basic or lowest-level in Maslow’s hierarchy of human motives includes
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Exam 3 - Psychology 100 Exam 3 (Covers chapters 4, 12, 15 &...

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