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StudentStudyGuide Psyc100 FinalExamSpring 08 - PSYC 100...

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PSYC 100 Common Final Exam Study Guide Spring, 2008 There will be 50 multiple choice questions worth 50% of your final exam grade. Prologue: The History of Psychology Define psychology Understand Darwin's concept of natural selection Chapter 1: Thinking Critically with Psychological Science Know the characteristics of the different research methods that psychologists employ, i.e., survey, case study, experiment, naturalistic observation. What is a correlation? What are the limits of using correlations? What is the difference between a hypothesis and a theory? Chapter 2: Neuroscience and Behavior What is a synapse? What are the functions of the corpus callosum, thalamus, limbic system and cerebellum? Describe the functions of the five brain areas involved in language. Chapter 3: Nature, Nurture and Human Diversity Discuss the nature/nurture debate. Understand the evolutionary psychologist's perspective. Describe how experience can modify the brain. How do collectivist and individualists cultures differ? Chapter 4: Developing Through the Life Span Discuss Harlow's study concerning the origins of attachment theory. According to Piaget, how does the mind develop? Discuss the physical changes in later life. Chapter 5: Sensation Define transduction and specify the form of energy our visual system converts into the neural messages our brain can interpret. Explain how the Young-Helmholtz trichromatic (three-color) theory and opponent- process theories help us understand color vision. Contrast sensation and perception and explain the difference between bottom-up and top- down processing 1
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Chapter 6: Perception Explain how our expectations about perceived size and distance contribute to some visual
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StudentStudyGuide Psyc100 FinalExamSpring 08 - PSYC 100...

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