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REL150 Syllabus S08 - Northern Arizona University College...

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Northern Arizona University College of Arts and Letters Department of Humanities, Arts, and Religion REL 150: RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD Spring 2008 3 credit hours MWF 10:20 – 11:10 Professors : Lodewijk van der Loo phone: 523-9130; e-mail: [email protected] Jason BeDuhn phone: 523-8892; e-mail: [email protected] Paul Donnelly phone 523-3892; e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Prof. van der Loo: Riles 114, Mo 8:30-10am, We 12:15-1:45pm, or by appointment Prof. BeDuhn: Riles 110, Tu 1-2pm, or by appointment Prof. Donnelly: Riles 115, MoWe 11:30am-1pm, or by appointment Teaching Assistants : Teaching assistants, their email addresses and office hours will be announced in class and, at that time, posted on the course Vista site. Course Description This course explores six major religious traditions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the religions of tribal peoples. Together, these traditions represent the religious lives of over three billion people; they are most likely to be the religions of your neighbors, and the religions which impact the most on social, political, economic, and cultural events in your lifetime. To be an informed and active citizen of the United States and of the world, a person should have a basic understanding of the religions of the world such as this course provides. For each of the six traditions, this course will examine its history, principal ideas, and core practices. This course is a liberal studies course in the Cultural Understanding block, and also satisfies the university requirement for a course in Global Awareness . Course Objectives Active engagement with the material of this course will enable the student (1) to summarize the principal ideas of each religion studied. (2) to describe the main religious practices of each religion studied. (3) to explain how each religion studied shapes part of world culture and society through the commitments and actions of its members. 1
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(4) to outline the sources of authority and historical development of each religion studied. (5) to analyze characterizations of the religions studied and their members for accuracy, fairness, completeness, and understanding. Course Structure and Approach This course is built around lectures and separate discussion sessions. Videos and slides will be used to supplement lectures and readings. This is a course that requires each student to attend class regularly, pay attention, read, listen, think, be open-minded, express one’s own views, and be considerate of the views of others to maximize the student’s opportunity to understand the world’s religions. The course will be conducted by three Religious Studies professors, with the assistance of seven teaching assistants, who are senior Religious Studies majors. The three professors will take turns leading the class mostly in accordance with their own areas of specialization. The professors and teaching assistants will announce (if not already listed above) office hours for your individual access to them outside of
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REL150 Syllabus S08 - Northern Arizona University College...

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